Friday, November 16, 2012


                                THIS WAS A CUSTOM ORDER FOR A GUY AT WORK.



                                             I'M LAZY

Monday, February 21, 2011


I did some more work on the moose this past week, not much, probably 2 hours. Mainly I worked on the legs, hooves and butt.
I noticed after the last post that he has severe scoliosis and his shoulders are uneven, so next session I'll be correcting that. Fortunately there's plenty of wood in all the right spots and this is really a minor hiccup. All I have to do is cut away everything that doesn't look like a moose.

You can see the hash marks around his legs, it really helps to step back and mark up the spots that need shaved. It's easy to get lost in one section of the carving without looking at it in proportion to the entire project. So that's part of my process in case you were wondering.

I have a lot work left to do, but a big chunk of it is done, probably half and I like how it's turning out so far.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This is a turtle I've been making from Cottonwood bark for a couple of years now. I make a variation of this with tire tracks across his back and X's on the eyes, I call them roadkill and have sold many of both styles. This one lost his right leg shortly after being adopted by my son.

The family wanted another dog, so I got them one. I'll keep putting the real thing off for as long as possible. For now this will do.

Here's a couple more simple toys.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


During the fall I was real busy and was only able to carve after the boys were put to sleep.
So I did some toys with hand chisels for the boys. They roll and crash and every thing.
The truck ( Harrison's toy, if anyone asks ) is fashioned after mine, it's a '97 ford Ranger with a tool box. The cab is chopped like a rat rod because of the lumbers dimensions, not because I'm gansta (no offense Dixon).

This is the most expensive carving I've ever made (time wise). Seriously, at $10 bucks an hour I'd have to charge like $1000.00 to break even (chainsaw carving is so much quicker). Its not for sale, unless you want to pay that much ( I'll give Henry the money I swear ). The locomotive has, 08 and chunky carved into the sides, not really visible in this photo.
I started this project in the fall of 2008 right after Henry was born, we called him chunky chew chew (he was a fatty). I screwed up on the layout and didn't allow for the working wheels, I threw it in the corner out of frustration for 2 years then glued on some extra stock to allow for the wheel pins. The assembly was really the biggest pain because I didn't think it through enough.
This was going to be a Christmas present this Year but he is so rough on things and he got every toy ever made so I thought I save It for his 3rd berfday ( now that's gansta ). But today while we were shoveling the drive he spotted it in the garage and had to have it. So he got it as a belated groundhogs day present.
What you don't celebrate?

I made a few other toys for them but my wife said I should save them for another post, so I will.
Because she's the...

Monday, January 31, 2011


This here is a big ol' Hack berry log. 5ft tall, almost 18in across and something like 300lbs. What a moose of a log. The manager or something in X-ray found out about me through another co-worker and asked me to carve him a moose he saw in Silver Dollar City. He got me a few pictures and gave me artistic license to use my judgment so I took advantage of the 68 degrees and a Friday off.

This here is the head roughed out. Moose have beards, who knew.
The moose is the one on the left.

There will be antlers or horns or whatever moose have attached later. I was able to cut off two big chunks large enough to make the antler-horns, so it will be from the same log.

It's a good thing I got pictures 'cause I don't know jack about moose, much less moose about jack.

The main thing X-ray Ron liked was the pot belly and the big goofy teeth, so say cheese.
This one is already fun and it pays real money. I think I'm going to buy another chainsaw or a welder, I not sure yet. The money is already burning a hole in my pocket, better concentrate on the task at hand.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


aka THE STABLEWell I'm back, at least for now.
I took a electricity class over the fall semester, which I loved, and started my new job as a plumber for St. Johns hospital, which I also love. Not much carving though. I did hand carve some heirloom toys for the boys and will share them later.

For Christmas I got money, after all, Christmas is about money not Christ, right? Anyway I gave it all to Lowes and finished building my fort. Turns out it looks like a stable especially with the toy wagon. I put in some lights and outlets because I'm fancy and I am no longer in the dark about electricity. Sorry about the corny joke best I can do. I also sold a couple of bears at work which helped fund this project.

I now have a caricature moose, a stylized Mary, a simple fireplace and a rooster all commissioned and waiting. Plenty to keep me busy for a couple months.